I'm Scott, and I live in Falls Church, Virginia. I'm a renaissance IT specialist, and I'm usually available for programming, training, and consulting. I am also a musician, and I'd like to make myself available to other folks in the Northern Virginia area who would like to collaborate.

The Site

I recently redesigned the site, so click around to check out the new content. I've added some tools and experiments with SVG, Javascript, and certain libraries including D3.js. Let me know what you think, and keep in touch if you use anything or make any interesting modifications.

Web Development

I offer web development and consulting for existing websites, and the cost would vary depending on the work requested. I can provide the following web services and more upon request:

  • New website development
  • Revamp existing sites to work on any screen size
  • Improve search engine results
  • Speed up load times
  • Add widgets to your page, such as Google Maps, Twitter feed, RSS feeds, and more
  • Python or PHP development with Ajax
  • Create a custom web store for selling items


If you live in the Falls Church area, or anywhere nearby, I will charge only $20/hr for a house call to do any of the following computer services:

  • Speed up your computer significantly
  • Remove viruses, spyware or popups from appearing
  • Update your software to improve security
  • Secure your wireless network to prevent intrusions
  • Install printers, webcams, or any other hardware
  • Teach you to use software, or any other equipment such as digital cameras, mp3 players, printers, and scanners
  • Reset a forgotten password for any Windows computer

Thank you for using reliable local workers rather than calling Best Buy. You should never have to pay over $100 an hour for computer service, or $30 just for someone to drive to your house. I work at a flat rate, and if I cannot do what you ask, I will not charge for it. It's the only fair way to operate. I am very qualified, I have over 15 years of hardware and programming experience, and I have had tech jobs for the past seven. My work experience includes working at Circuit City as a PC tech, writing software for a manufacturing company, developing iPhone games, networking hundreds of laptops for monthly events, and recently, developing cutting-edge websites for the Military Health System. Call my Google Voice number at any time to set up an appointment: